Michael Anthony 

The 52 Week Step Into Your Life Program

Join the 52 week Step Into Your Life Program.

Having a coach that holds you accountable is a key factor in helping you step into the life you desire.

What are the benefits of having a coach?:

  • Clarifying  what your goals and desires are and set a course on how to step into them.
  • Gain tools to help you move forward into your life.
  • Connect to your inner most truth.
  • Release any blocks and existing stories that keep you within the same paradigm.
  • Have someone believe you and assist you to see the same person your coach sees.

For $200 You Receive the following: 

  • For 52 weeks, you receive 1 Recorded Audio sent to your Email each week  offering you inspiration and coaching exercises.

  • Every Quarter you receive ONE 30 minute 1-On-1 Coaching Accountability  Call with Michael Anthony directly. (4 Coaching Calls Total)


  • Access to the Facebook Group  where you can interact and connect with other people on this Step Into Your Life journey.

For the price of $200 you will have an investment  in yourself will give you the support and accountability that you deserve. (Normally priced at $450)

Sign up Now!! Starting February 4th, 2019!!

About Me-

I am a coach who allows you to take spirituality (a deeper connection to yourself and something bigger)  into the real world in order to bring your greatest gifts forward into the world.

Having spent over 20 years in the corporate world, I have learned that many of the same philosophies and principles that benefit someone trying to connect to something deeper within themselves also worked with every salesperson, accountant, department head or CEO that I have worked with.

Many times we believe to get ahead in this world it is all about a perception of  Darwin's work of only the strong survive.

The truth is that in lies in the strength and empowerment you have inside of yourself. What is your truth and what are you seeking to do here on this Earth  while you are here? When you are empowered within yourself, the world responds back with the same message to you. We are all a mirror to our experience.

I have over 20 years of experience of working with people in order for them to see their own internal greatness and release the things and thoughts that are no longer serving them, while adding in peace and joy.

That is where true strength lies.

If you are looking for someone who sees you deep down and can assist you in seeing your greatest gifts and expression to this world, than I may be your coach and teacher.

I had suffered many traumas in my life from the physical to the emotional. It was the wisdom I learned from each experience that inspired me to take the knowledge and rise above my situation. I will reflect your knowledge back to you! 


Michael Anthony