It's time! It's time to take back your own power and bring peace to your life.

At 29 years old, I had major back surgery that left me physically devastated and mentally depressed.

I could barely walk and started to have panic attacks which turned into crippling bouts of anxiety. I was undergoing 9 hours of Physical Therapy per week for my body and realized I needed a different type of therapy to help with my anxiety. I went the standard route and met with doctors and psychiatrists who had little to no interest in talking to me. They just handed me a prescription every time I walked through their doors. From one prescription to another, they did not help. The drugs only made me feel numb yet the anxiety remained. I desired a different quality of life for myself. A friend let me know about a hypnotherapist local to my hometown. I made an appointment and little did I know it was an appointment to start a chain reaction of life changes. An hour before my appointment while in the shower, I wondered what would happen in the session. Right then an old memory that I was actively suppressing, sprung into my mind. I quickly shoved that memory down to where it came from.  We are NOT talking about THAT!!! Ten minutes into our session, it was obvious that THAT was what we needed to talk about. I swore to myself that I would never discuss this with anyone, yet here I was actively participating in a session with a person I had never met before discussing this very story.

     I noticed the patterns of pain in my life. I learned the significance of going from a lean young child to suddenly becoming an overweight child at the age of 8 and how the weight acted as a suit of armor to cover up my pain and shame. My anxiety dropped exponentially. My body started to get strong and I started to regain some strength in my legs as well as regaining back most of the feeling in my lower half.

     From this experience, I started to see what other forms of alternative healing was available. I discovered Reiki energy healing through an abundance of synchronicities and happenstance.  I woke up from my session knowing that my life was never to be the same The next day I was in Arizona for 36 hours visiting and within 15 minutes of landing, I felt a deep calling to pack up my belongings and move from NJ. I had found a new home. I saw the world differently. Greens were greener. The sky was bluer. I started to connect on a deep level with so many more people. I felt a sense of purpose in my life. I realized that when we have pain, their tends to be an emotion behind the pain. You still may go to the doctor and may still be on medication, but while you are seeking medical help for your situation, maybe its time to take a look at the situation from an emotional and energetic perspective and then see the potential for true healing to begin. I have done this so many times in my life. I had a surgeon tell me I needed surgery on my back and I told him NO! No more Surgery! I let him know that I would deal with this emotionally and he understood and agreed. He sat down next to me and told me his younger sister did the same thing and he knew it was possible to heal one's body by looking deep inside at the emotions.  A few years back, I thought I had breast cancer. I went through all the tests and it finally came back negative although I still did have this mass on my chest. The doctors still wanted to remove this as they had no idea what this mass was. A week before my surgery, I sat down and realized I had all this intense unreleased burning anger and resentment deep down inside. I sat down and wrote letter after letter to the people in my life that I had unresolved conflict with. I expressed all my buried pains and emotions. It was exhausting yet liberating work. Two days before my surgery, my hand wandered to my chest and the mass was gone. I canceled the surgery immediately and my purpose to work with people releasing emotions was strengthened.

I have used emotional work, energy work and nutrition to navigate me through many health crises in my life. There have been many deep traumatic markers on my life such as sexual trauma, severe and multiple back injuired, being overweight and having body image issues, multiple divorces, my infant daughter moving thousands of miles away  and many other painful moments and memories. As an adult, I have used this work to navigate through my pain and learn more about myself while  in the process of reclaiming health. I am here to be of service to connect with you and help guide you through any moments of your life that are preventing you from happiness and health...both phsyically and emotionally.  Thank you and have a wonderful day!

After a debilitating injury that threatened his ability to ever walk again, Michael started a journey of deep soul searching and came to a realization. He wanted to make an impact  on this world. Michael recognized that the best way to do so was to do what brought him true happiness and what brought Michael this true happiness was working with people with in a deep connection and helping them emotionally through their problems. The intuitive ability to connect with people in order to to truly hear them on a core level made Michael's soul light up.  Having had Hypnotherapy previously to help him through a case of sexual trauma at a young age, Michael became aware of the deep healing, holistic modalities and how they could make a true impact in freeing people of their pain; both emotionally and physically. 

Having visited Arizona at the age of 33, Michael had a profound spiritual experience that inspired him to pack up his belongings and drive across the country, leaving behind his friends and family back in New Jersey. Michael was not running from something.  He was heading towards something. He didn't know what that something was. He just knew their was a new purpose in his life. This purpose was to help the world heal, possibly one person at a time.

Michael graduated in 2011  from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. He is a Certified Hypnotherapist as well as a Certified Master Life Coach. Michae also has training in various energy modalities such as Polarity Therapy and Reiki which combine well with his own healing touch.

About Michael:

  • Eliminate Phobia, Fears & Anxiety
  • Emotional Health
  • Managing Illness
  • Weight Management
  • Stress​ Reduction
  •  Pain Management
  • Alleviate Depression
  • Smoking Cessation

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