Michael Anthony 

 Emotional Cleanse Tools

1.  Bunny Shake- Just as a bunny shakes off any nervous tension it has after escaping a predator, the next time you have any stress show up in your life, take a moment to shake it out of your body. Imagine as you move your limbs, that any tension you have will exit your body through your limbs. You may find the image of someone shaking water off of their hands after washing and finding that there is no towel available very helpful. Then be aware of how you feel.  Did this help?

2.  The "I am so Angry Because" Exercise- With a pen and paper, sit down and write " I am so angry because....." and then see what shows up.  Once you start, keep writing. Even if you are unsure of what to write next, just write your thoughts down. " I am so angry because, huh I do not know why I am angry and the dog that is barking across the street is bothering me....." Just keep going as our emotions inside desire and need to come out. By offering your subconscious the opportunity to release an emotion, it will do so. You may find a random memory come up about the time you were cut off in the car at 19 years old. Just keep writing. You can replace any emotion for the word "Angry". Try it with Fear, Sad, Full of Resentment or any other emotion that you feel. You may be surprised as what rises to the surface. Then allow, without judgment, to feel what comes up. This is a very lovingly, potent exercise.

3.  Constructive Rest- This may be the easiest and hardest 15 minutes of your day. This is for people who feel any pain or tension in their low back. Our muscles, especially our low back and our Psoas muscle, tend to be a storing house for our stresses and emotions. This part of the body is renown for for holding the emotions of fear, lack of structure and lack of stability. Many times when someone exits a relationship or leaves a job, their low back will go out.  This is a wonderful exercise to help alleviate the pain while also allowing the muscles to cleanse themselves of any emotions that are causing the low back and psoas to be very tight. Below I am attaching a link to a video demonstration of Constructive Rest. You will need a pillow, a book and either a sash or a yoga belt. The goal here is to relax the body while also relaxing the mind. Put away your phone. Shut off the TV and tell your loved ones that you need a 15 minute grace period. Enjoy!!!  

4.  Guided Meditation- Guided Meditation is a wonderful way to quiet your mind and allow relaxing tones and words to enter further down into your subconscious. There are guided meditations that are for the sole purpose of relaxing. There are also guided meditations with a specific intent such as releasing fear, anger and sadness. There is plethora of guided meditations links on Youtube. The goal is to find a video that has someone whose voice you trust and whose voice is easy  to understand.  There are guided meditations that can be very rejuvenating and make a great addition to your morning ritual. There are guided meditations that allow you to drift off to sleep, hence making a wonderful addition to your evening.  I have attached a video example. Please feel free to explore Youtube or your local bookstore for any guided meditation videos or CD's.

My Intention is that these tools will offer you some peace and release. If you feel that you may desire some assistance during this process or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.  

Enjoy your day!!!