Michael Anthony 

21 Day

Empowered Heal From Within

2021 Kickoff


You will receive 21 days of daily inspirational audio messages and empowered tools as well as a weekly guided meditation (3 total)!

2021 offers us an opportunity to step forward into our lives and yet what are we holding on to from 2020 and even more important, what are we holding on to throughout our entire lives that has kept us in a cycle of repetitive challenges?

This isn't about New Years Resolutions any longer!!!

 We are beyond that. This is about deep healing and letting go which allows us the freedom to step into that more empowered part of ourselves. 

The World needs deep healing. This begins with each and every one of us. In order for the world to find healing, it starts within each of us!!

This is about coming "Back Home" to yourself and that deeper truth that awaits within. 

For only  $44 you will receive:

  • A Daily Guided Inspirational Message and Empowered Tool
  • A Weekly Guided Meditation
  • Private Invitation into a Facebook Group to receive daily support as well as connecting with your fellow participants.
  • A Raffle Ticket to win a 60 Minute Spiritually Guided Healing Phone Session             (Value $200)

Here is what some of the participants of past 21 Day Kickoffs have said:

"This has been an AMAZING 21 Day Journey. I feel the shift approaching and I am priming (the pump)!"   -T.M. Phoenix

"You've opened my mind and I'm completely in the mindset to now remember to take care of myself more!"

-G.C. Jersey City, NJ

"You really do have a profound gift of being able to hone in on a message. It is beautiful!"  -A.P. New Jersey

"I really love these! Clarified my work and personal goals yesterday and feel better already about 2019!"
-C.R. Phoenix, AZ

"You are amazing!! I so appreciate your work and how you express yourself and the energy in which you do!"

-A.K. Phoenix, AZ

"This is great Michael...love it!!!" - H.S. Scottsdale, AZ 

"Thank you for this lovely offering. I really look forward to hearing your voice and lessons for the day. I appreciate all that you have shared!" -SH Tempe, AZ



Every purchase receives a chance at winning a 60 Minute Spiritually Guided Healing Session!!! (Value $200)

Once you purchase the 21 Day Empowered Heal From Within 2021 Kickoff you will have private access to a Facebook Group where you can receive daily support as well as connect to others who are on your journey with you.

Step into 2021 from the perspective of deep healing! 

Now is the time to go within and tap into your greater knowing!

Come join me on the 21 Day Empowered Heal From Within 2021 Kickoff

I am excited to see heal the deeper parts of yourself and enjoy life on a deeper level!

Michael Anthony